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EARTHDATE: March 22, 2015

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by Hazed

The Mars One mission always sounded a bit dodgy to me. The plan was for a one-way mission to Mars, to colonise the planet. The training period and the journey there would be run as a reality TV show, which would fund the mission.

Of the thousands of people who applied to take part, the list of the final 100 candidates were chosen a few weeks ago. Now one of them has spoken out about the state of the mission – and it’s a shambles.

I reported a while back that scientists had examined the feasibility of Mars One mission plans and concluded it just wouldn’t work and that the colonists would die. But the problems go a lot further than that.

Josh Roche is one of that final 100, and he says that in order to make the cut he didn’t go through a rigorous selection process – he didn’t even meet anyone from the Mars One project face to face. All he did was send them a video, fill in a very basic application form, and have a brief Skype interview.

What’s more, he says that the funding for the mission is in doubt. The TV company that was due to provide a lot of money in return for the broadcast rights has pulled out. Those taking part in the mission who are interviewed about it are asked “kindly” to donate 75% of their fee towards the mission costs! It all sounds very dubious.

Issues have also been raised about the lack of a training facility and no contracts with private aerospace suppliers.

All in all, it sounds like a terrible mess. Which is a shame.

Source: http://www.techienews.co.uk/9725387/mars-one-finalist-raises-alarming-concerns-reveals-startling-details/

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