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by ibgames

EARTHDATE: August 4, 2013

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by Hazed

I’ve been warning you for weeks that star systems owned by players who haven’t set foot (or paw, hoof or tentacle) in Fed DataSpace for at least three years are going to be removed from the game.

Well I can now give you the names of the first five star systems facing extinction. They are:

  • Abode
  • Arsenal
  • Asylum
  • Chips
  • Circuit

They’ll be taken out in a couple of days, so this is your last warning if you own factories, depots or warehouses on the planets in these systems - sell them or lose them.

I will notify you whenever we plan to take out more abandoned systems, but meanwhile you can tell if a star system is owned by an absentee landlord because the ‘DI SYSTEM’ display tells you:

System has been abandoned by its owner!

The SpyNet Report for the owner also clues you in by telling you he, she or it “hasn’t been spotted since before Diesel started selling her Old Peculiar ale!”

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