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by ibgames

EARTHDATE: August 4, 2013

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by Hazed

A poor forgetful Plutocrat recently lost one of his Blish Cities. He knew he’d left it somewhere, but couldn’t remember where. He checked all his pockets. He looked down the back of the sofa. No sign of it. What’s more, he couldn’t remember what he’d called the city when he built it. Now, that is forgetful!

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem because the cities are listed on the cartel display. However, when the city is in the graving dock being updated, it no longer shows up on the display, so to all intents and purposes it just vanishes into thin air with no trace left behind.

It’s not until the upgrade is complete that you get a notification, and the city suddenly pops back into existence.

The moral of the story, I guess, is that if you are a bit forgetful then you should write down the name of your cities when you build them!

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