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EARTHDATE: May 20, 2007

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Sunday May 13
by Fancy-Fancy

I filled in for Catspaws this Mothers Day as Wacky Words host, and three players joined me. Kblackdragon, Garioso, and Stiddleficks all joined the channel ready to play. As they all knew how to play already, we got right into the game.

Word #1 - TOM
Each player garnered a vote this round, and Garioso was the quickest for the speed point. The submitted phrases were:

Garioso - "Thanking other moms"
Stiddleficks - "That's only mice."
Kblackdragon - "Tracers On Magellan"

Word #2 - FANCY
This drew several theme guesses of Fed players, but that was not the theme. Garioso took the vote bonus this round with "Friggen Anti-matter Nuked Cragons yard". Kblackdragon got a vote and the speed bonus with "Fairly All New Controllers Yell"

Word #3 - MICKEY
This word enabled Garioso to correctly guess the theme of cartoon characters for a point that would turn out to make a difference. Kblackdragon took the vote bonus with "Munitions Instantly clash Kindly Every Year". Stiddleficks also got a vote and the speed bonus with "man, I can't kiss everyone yet!"

Word #4 - DONALD
Garioso took the vote bonus this round with, "Dashing Over Naked Alts Laying Dead". Stiddleficks sent in, "Don't open nothing and like donuts" and got a vote. Kblackdragon picked up the speed point.

Word #5 - CASPER
Stiddleficks submitted, "Cats and spiders party every Sunday", and got two votes, plus the vote bonus. Garioso got the other vote with, "Cooking Aliens Seared Poached Even Roasted". Kblackdragon once again got the speed bonus, and it surprised me personally that his phrase, "Cats Are Squeeky's Prime Entertainment Resource" didn't poll better than it did.

Word #6 - POPEYE
Kblackdragon won the vote bonus this time with, "Planets Only Please Each Young Engineer". Stiddleficks picked up a vote and the speed bonus with, "Pop open potatoes every year."

That brought us to the end of today's game. I added up the scores, and coming in third today was Stiddleficks, with 9 points. Taking second by virtue of the point for guessing the theme was Garioso, with 10 points. And our winner today was Kblackdragon, with 11 points. Congratulations to all our players on a well-played, close game! Join us again on May 27 for another Sunday edition of Wacky Words.

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