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EARTHDATE: October 22, 2017

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by Hazed

The code that lets Gengineers link in a third planet is now in the game. This lets you add another planet to your star system automatically, without having to send us files so we can put them in. As a Gengineer, this new planet has a biological economy.

You use the “COLONIZE” command, just as you do to get your second planet: “COLONIZE PLANET planetname TYPE stockplanetname” where “planetname” is what you want to call the new planet, and “stockplanetname” is the type of stock planet you want. The options are: water, fire, ice, habitat, rock or my favourite, candy.

For example: colonize planet new world 3 type candy.

The command will only work if your system started with a stock system, or you designed your space map to match the configuration of a stock system. That means the link must be in location 460, and the location for the new planet (397) must be empty.

You must be a Gengineer or higher, and only have two existing planets in your system.

Your new planet will show up in the game at the next reset.

We have tested the new code thoroughly, but there are lots of different permutations and we may have missed something. So for the next few weeks, please can any of you that use the new command to link a third planet drop an email to feedback@ibgames.com (don’t forget to put Fed2 in the subject line) and tell us you’ve done so. Send the email as soon as you have used the command, and tell us your character name and the system name. Then Alan will be able to monitor the next reset to ensure nothing goes drastically wrong!

Once your planet shows up in the game, let us know if you spote any problems.

At a later date, Alan will do it all again with fourth planets. But that will have to wait a while because he has other things to get on with first.

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