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EARTHDATE: January 17, 2016

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by Hazed

I told you last month that a Japanese probe is now orbiting Venus. Now we’re starting to get back data and images, and already we’re learning a lot more about the planet’s cloud dynamics.

The first images show the details of the planet’s roiling storms, which we’ve never seen before. Click the source link below to see the pictures.

The images are in infrared, which are used to map temperature distribution, and ultraviolet to map the chemicals in the cloud formation. Two more cameras in mid-infrared capture the cloud structure at the upper layers and deeper within the clouds.

These pictures are the first time we have seen a delicate striping in the cloud patterns of the low latitude regions. Right now we don’t know what they mean, so future data should throw more light on what’s happening with the planet’s storms.

Source: http://gizmodo.com/weve-never-seen-venus-roiling-storms-like-this-before-1748777485

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