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EARTHDATE: March 22, 2015

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by Hazed

A PO, who shall remain nameless, recently reported a bug in the game. Oh no – surely not!

He said that he had transferred some workers from one of his planets to another, but although they had left the source planet, they had never shown up on the destination planet.

He sent captures that showed the population on the source planet going down – but the population on the destination planet remained unchanged.

Where were the workers? Had they absconded in transit? Had their transport been hijacked? Was there some ghastly interplanetary accident that had wrecked their spaceship?

Well, it turned out to be none of those things – and in fact it wasn’t a bug at all. The planet to which the workers were being sent did not have enough longevity program builds to support the extra population; when they arrived, the population figures went up, but the benefits from universal coverage were removed due to lack of facilities – so the population went down again.

In other words, the PO’s lack of facilities resulted in the death of his people. You can see now why he prefers to remain anonymous!

The moral of the story is that before you exhort your workers to move to another planet to fulfil your economic needs, make sure you have the builds to support them when they get there!

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