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EARTHDATE: August 4, 2013

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by Hazed

Two Russians were recently arrested on suspicion of involvement in an enormous online fraud. They were implicated in a credit card hacking scam investigation which involved 160 million cards.

Dmitriy Smilianets, 29, is alleged to be the moneyman of the operation and Vladimir Drinkman, 32, is an alleged hacker. They are both from Moscow, and were arrested in The Netherlands. Three other suspects, a Ukrainian and two more Russians remain at large.

Well done to the police who tracked down the culprits! Except they had a bit of help... from the criminals themselves.

US Secret Service agents got a tip-off that Smilianets and Drinkman were travelling to Europe last year, but they had no idea where they would be staying. Here’s where the alleged villains unwittingly came to the police’s aid. Drinkman posted pictures of his trip to social media sites which police were able to analyse, and he also left his phone switched on, so it transmitted location information. Those two bits of information narrowed down locations where he might be staying, so police were able to make enquiries at hotels until they found the couple of criminals.

The moral of the story is - as always -if you want to keep a low profile, don’t post to Facebook!

Source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/07/29/how_russian_megahack_suspects_got_tracked/

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