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EARTHDATE: August 4, 2013

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by Hazed

Chutney* is a delightful foodstuff, a great way to preserve a seasonal glut of produce, beloved of home cooks, and often given as a gift to friends, relatives and neighbours.

Who’d have thought it could turn out to be a problem? But when Margaret Goodwin was given a jar of chutney by a neighbour, she discovered just how dangerous it could be - when the chutney exploded!

That’s right, it exploded. A build up of gas fermentation caused an explosion so powerful that it ripped the fridge door off its hinges, lifted the ceiling, cracked the walls, sent shards of glass flying and blasted the casing off an extractor fan. You can see pictures of the devastation at the source link below.

Bloody hell, what was in the chutney - gelignite?

Nope. It was rhubarb.

Mrs Goodwin had put the chutney into the fridge in an uncovered pot. After five days, it began to ferment and give off methane. When the fridge had been closed for 12 hours, there was nowhere for the methane to go, so it reacted with the air in the fridge to explode.

Looking on the bright side, Mrs Goodwin said, “The chutney tasted absolutely delicious, by the way.”

* Chutney is made from fruits and/or vegetables and in the form most popular in the UK, they are cooked with vinegar and spices to form a condiment to accompany cold meat or to go into a sandwich.

Yum yum.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2356743/Womans-kitchen-pickle-jar-rhubarb-chutney-EXPLODES-blast-strong-ripped-fridge-door-hinges.html

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