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EARTHDATE: May 20, 2007

Official News - page 9


by Hazed

Well, thank goodness. The remains of actor James Doohan (aka Scotty in Star Trek) have been found! Last week I told you how they had been lost in the mountains after a brief trip to space.

Now, after being stranded for three weeks in the inhospitable alien wastes of the mountains of New Mexico, they have been recovered and returned to his widow - along with the remains of 200 other people whose ashes were included on the flight.

It turned out that the ashes were not in the mountains after all, but had landed on a flat area close to the launch pad from where they had been blasted off into space. But the four transmitters that were attached to the parachute had apparently fallen off during the descent, and landed in the inaccessible region the searchers had been concentrating on.

For more information about how he's been beamed down to safety, see

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