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EARTHDATE: May 20, 2007

Official News - page 2


by Hazed

Five more players have sent in pictures of the planets which are now displayed proudly in the FedTerm planet picture gallery. The new pictures are of:

  • Wilson - Volleyball system
  • Atlantis - Aegean system
  • Cube - Cubit system
  • Voyager - Starfleet system
  • Halloween - Transylvania system

Download them and save them into the planets sub-folder of your FedTerm folder, and then when you use the new FedTerm to display the planets you will see exactly what they look like.

To make your own planet picture, draw or find an image that represents your planet. It doesn't have to be a realistic shot of your planet from orbit - it could be a picture of what your planet's landscape is like, a city or a building, a person from your planet or even your planet's flag or emblem. Let your imagination run riot!

You need to crop and resize the picture in a graphics or paint program so that is the right size: 172 x 172 (that's 172 pixels square) and save it in .bmp format. It needs to have a filename that matches your planet name - ie marina.bmp or rigel 4.bmp (yes, the filenames can have spaces if your planet name does!) Put it into your FedTerm\planets folder so that you can see it when you display your planet, and email it to so it can be included in the gallery.

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