Last updated March 18, 2018

Armed with The Quickstart Guide to Feds, and the help of staff and other players, you can probably figure out how to get started in the game. But there is so much depth to the game that you should read The Idiot's Guide to Fed2 to make sure you don't miss any of the fun.

There's two ways to read the Idiot's Guide: you can read it online, or you can download it to read offline in a variety of formats, or print out.

The online Idiot's Guide

The entire Idiot's Guide is available online, last updated March 18, 2018

Read the online Idiot's Guide

Download the Idiot's Guide

The Idiot's Guide is available as an Word document or as a text document. Both versions have been archived using ZIP.

Download the Word version of the Idiot's Guide
Download the text version of the Idiot's Guide
Download the PDF version of the Idiot's Guide